Geocaching is a relatively new hobby (roughly 17 years old now!) which includes the entire family (including the furry ones, well the dogs at least). All you need is a GPS or even just a smart phone! Pick up the app and start exploring!

Okay, what if you already have that part under control and you want to be the one hiding the cache rather than the one finding the cache! Well keep reading!

Research the Terrain

Before you create and hide your geocache, research the terrain and decide what type of caches will go best. Even better, try finding a geocache in the area and see if you think their set up works!

Find a Good Location

Many people will try to find an interesting location, something that would be fun to visit. For example, nature, historical monuments, something that has scientific interest. They to think of the place which will people gladly visit, even if the cache isn’t there. Or if you want to make your cache particularly challenging, try hiding it in an especially difficult to access location. The top of a tree or at the summit of a Colorado 14’er! Just be sure to warn potential adventurers that your cache will require some significant effort to find.

Check to be sure that Geocaches are allowed

If we are talking about private property or restricted area, you of course need to get approval first. We know some geocachers break the rules a little bit when it comes to urban geocaching. But not everyone is comfortable with their place of business being used for geocaching so make sure you get as much approval as possible first. Look at it as an opportunity to convert someone else to this awesome game!

Choose a Good Container


Every container must be waterproof since even if the items inside can handle water, most people like to leave a log book that we don’t want getting soaked. Ammo boxes might be the best solution for this, and they are favorite for many geocachers.

Put A Label on the Container

In nowadays society, suspicious packages create suspicion and alarm. To avoid unpleasant situations, you should label your container. In this way, it won’t be destroyed if someone reports it as suspicious. It will contain all the necessary information, and people will know that container is intended for the game. Don’t get crazy with it, just make it clear to anyone who isn’t playing the game that the container is for geocaching.