Our History

While our site hasn’t been around forever, our contributors have been geocaching in Aurora, Denver, Colorado Springs and across the state since the beginning! Geocaching has always been popular as an outdoor activity on the trails and back roads of Colorado but many of our blog contributors are promoting a less popular type of geocaching- urban geocaching. That doesn’t mean we don’t have information for the great outdoors geocacher. Quite the contrary! Just check out our posts on keeping your dog healthy on the trail or our post on basic geocache placement which applies to just about everyone! But we also have more information on urban geocaching than just about anyone else. 

Our mission is to create an online space for the Colorado geocaching community to share useful information, product reviews, trip reports and new ideas for how to play this epic game.

We love geocaching and we want what our community wants. There’s nothing better than hunting a treasure and we love how geocaching brings people and pets together for one big, healthy outdoor adventure. If you have tried it yet we recommend starting with our guide to getting started with geocaching.