Dayspring is a somewhat famous (well internet famous) Geocacher who has made a name for himself as an extremely creative creator of unique geocaches. He has definitely taken it to another level. In fact, his caches almost act as a work of art!

Do you have to have a workshop to produce good caches? Not at all! One Daysprings major points is to use simply use your environment wisely.

While this is somewhat intuitive this is often overlooked. The simplest question to ask is why would someone want to visit that area? Maybe there is beautiful scenery but maybe there is something even more interesting?

Or if you do have the time and energy to put together something creative you and use just about anything for inspiration. Check out Daysprings very clever geocache at about 2 and half minutes into the video. It actually requires that you take the battery out of your GPS and press it up against two conductors on the tube. From there, the cache actually comes out of the tube by way of a simple conveyor belt. Whoa!

Although I wonder if anyone has just taken the cache apart in frustration!

While I’ve never found anything as creative as Dayspring’s caches I have been lucky enough see some beautiful scenery while tracking down caches. I honestly don’t mind if the cache is an ammo box as long as the scenery is great.

Folks like Dayspring are making the cache almost as important as the actual tracking! There is a level of artistry in their creations. All you have to do is watch Daysrping talk about his time in his workshop to know he is a craftsman like any other.

Overall, I love what people like Dayspring bring to Geocaching. The more diversity to this the game the more people we will have and thus an overall better experience. Now you can decide if you want to track down an ammo box in a beautiful environment or solve a brain-teasing puzzle. Or better yet, with more and more creative caches and industrious geocachers, you can do both!

What’s the most creative geocache you’ve ever found?