We’ve talked about this subject before (see our blog post here) and we’ve reviewed a few dog products. But we think there is more to say! We just love geocaching with our furry friends. There are few things more rewarding than a tired dog and we love coming home and watching our pups pass out! Here are some tips and cool ideas about dogs and geocaching

  • Socialize your dog. Okay, take off the blinders. Too many owners, yes even in Colorado, seen to feel that their dog is perfect. If your dog makes people uncomfortable then it is YOUR responsibility to fix that! Taking your dog to a dog park is a great start but can be overwhelming for some dogs. We recommend taking your dog to a place like Home Depot or Lowes where your dog can be exposed to a lot of new sounds and sites in a relatively controlled environment.
  • Collars and Microchips can be a lifesaver. Always prepare for the worst. If the worst case scenario happens and your pup gets lost a collar or microchip greatly increases the chances of them being found! Don’t mess around with this one. It is a really easy fix for a major problem.
  • Turn Your Dog Into A Geocache! Yes, it is a possibility to turn your dog into a geocache. While it may be a little frustrating to someone tracking your dog you should let them know in the description that this is indeed a “moving” geocache. Your dog will enjoy all the attention!

Make sure your dog is ready for the adventure! Not all dogs want to go on a geocaching adventure. As always, start with something small for you and your pup and build from there.