Geocaching is a fun and interesting game that allows you to spend healthy outdoor time with your family and friends. But, you can also enjoy this game on your own. Geocaching is a perfect combination of nature, hard work, critical thinking and just plain fun! It’s perfect for those who want to stay fit but don’t particularly love the gym. It’s hard to be out of shape and love to geocache. If you’ve never done it before, these few steps will get up to speed and ready to roll!

Pick up a GPS receiver

It doesn’t matter how you will get one; you can buy it, borrow or rent it. Even easier, most smartphones come fully equipped with an already installed GPS receiver. Since geocaching is based on GPS coordinates, you really can’t play without one. A better GPS will allow you to handle the tougher Colorado back country and still know where you’re going. But your phone will let you handle some basic geocaches and will be fine for urban geocaching.

Open An Account

gpsTo start playing, you need to find a reliable website and open an account with them. Some of them will offer you free access to caching data, and you will have all the site features available, while others will offer you a premium membership. It means you will be able to get access to more advanced features of the website. A large variety of websites offer caches nowadays; you just need to find the right one. Look for a future blog post on user reviews of the popular geocaching apps.

Use the search option and start small

Once you’ve made your pick and set up your account, it’s now time to find a treasure! And they are hidden everywhere. Use whatever app you picked to find some of the simpler hunts to start with.

Trade small items

Don’t forget to bring something with you while during your hunt! Specifically, something you’re willing to trade for whatever you find in the cache. Many caches follow themes, so if you already know the theme, bring something to trade according to that.

Recognize the cache

They can come in different shapes and sizes and even colors, so pay attention closely. Once you find it, you will need to replace it in the same way, as they were before. Keep in mind that Geocaches are never buried underground. Some people will leave more detailed hints than others as far as the location of the cache. Others will go out of their way to make finding the treasure as hard as possible.

After you find your first cache, contact us and tell us the story of your first experience with Colorado geocaching!