So most of you know I’m a big animal lover! Obviously, I love geocaching too! That means I love creating new blog posts about both! Our last post about hiking tips for dogs got a lot of response on the Colorado Geocaching Facebook page too so I think its time for another! It sounds like people were looking for more information on inclement weather too! Well, at least a few people. So for this post, we are going to review the Aira dog rain jacket by Ruffwear. I’m a big fan of Ruffwear but the price can sometimes be a limiting factor. But if you make it to the end of this article I will tell you a way that you can get 20% of the Aira rain jacket. At least if you live in the Aurora area that is!

First, why would you want a rain jacket for your dog? While many dog breeds definitely don’t need a jacket (think of the fuzzy Burmese mountain dog) others with a shorter coat can get really chilly really quickly. It can also depend on what you’re doing and where you’re hiking. The last factor is the overall size of the dog. Smaller dogs have a tougher time regulating their own body temperature. That means my little Chihuahua friend Chico can have a really tough time staying warm! A jacket is a must for him on almost any geocaching expedition!

The Good?

The Aira rain jacket can be adjusted to fit just about any size dog. Whether your dog has a deep chest or is very lanky, there are enough points of adjustment on the Aira that just about any size dog can fit comfortably in the jacket. Ruffwear generally produces high quality products and the Aira is no different. I’ve used the jacket with Chico more than 40 times and I’ve not noticed any significant wearing of the buckles and other straps. There has been some color change but beyond that, the jacket looks almost new!

The jacket is well designed and works great in windy conditions. The jacket has a very cool feature that I don’t see in most other dog jackets. There are loops in the back of the jacket that fit over your dog’s legs. While some dogs may find this annoying at first they can be adjusted as needed. These keep the jacket on the dog even in windy conditions. While this may not sound like a big deal, most dog jackets end up flapping around on the back when things get windy and don’t help your dog at all.

The material is breathable making the jacket a good choice in both very cold and just cool temperatures. The jacket doesn’t get too hot when worn in cool weather. At least based on how much Chico pants! However, the jacket really shines when it comes to windy conditions. The jacket stays where it needs to be and really breaks the chill!

The jacket is easily packed. The jacket compresses well and easy to put away if it turns out you don’t need it. Especially when you’re dealing with chihuahua sizes!

The Bad?

The cost can be a bit much. This jacket will run you around $80 retail. While this can seem like a lot, if you take care of the jacket it can last a lifetime.

The leg loops can get annoying for some dogs. My girlfiend has a medium sized mixed breed (around 45 pounds) that hate the leg loops! We could keep trying but at this point, she has given up on him and just lets him go without them. However, I think those loops are one of the best benefits of the product.

That’s really it! If you’ve used something like this in the past then you will probably have a good idea whether your dog will be annoyed by the leg loops or not. We highly recommend picking up this jacket!

Save 20% On This Jacket!

If you live in the Aurora area, I highly recommend you pick up this jacket at the Chuck and Don’s pet food outlet on S. Parker Road. That store, in particular, has a survey at the bottom of each receipt. If you fill that survey out you can get a 20% your next purchase of a non-food item. That means Ruffwear gear! If you don’t live in the Aurora area you can also pick up the Aira on Amazon. You can pick it up here (this is an affiliate link).